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State College Grants Scholarships are available in every state. See what college grants are available in your state.

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State College Grants Available

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Most college students think about looking for federal students grants and scholarships, but there is another source of government grants - states.

Most states offer some from of college grants and scholarships for residents in their state. Some are reserved for students attending state schools in their home state. For example, if you are a California resident but choose to attend a college or university in Maryland, you won't be eligible for a Cal Grant from the state of California.

Each state also has their own deadlines and criteria for a college grant from that state. Check out the list of state deadlines for FAFSA, which is used as the application for most state grants.

States changes their college grants that are available for a number of reasons, including the economy and politics that are in that state. In general, states are cutting back on funding for higher education.

College Grant State Scholarship Tips

To find college grants and scholarships in your state, search by the name of your state and grants or scholarships to see what you can find. We will also start sharing links on our website.

Below you can share you success stories about you state.

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