Finding my X

by Jency

Personal Essay Example - Finding X, finding Y, solving for the standard equation of an ellipse. These have been the plagues of my mind ever since I made a discovery in the 5th grade- I hate math. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, I just don’t understand it. Call it sine or sin, either way I detest having to deal with it and its partners in crime.

Sitting me in front of a typical pre-calculus warm up was the equivalent of having a toddler perform heart surgery- it was simply an experience of confusion and one that led to disastrous consequences. Even the lingo of the subject was baffling and threw me into a state of confusion where the simplest concepts brought tears of frustration to my eyes.

I wish I could say struggling with math was the extent of my problem with it. But this weakness of mine hit much closer to home even outside of the classroom. As a girl of Indian heritage, one of the many expectations I faced was the ability to be a mathematical genius. The feeling of panicking despair during a lesson in class was nothing compared to the disappointment and frustration my father expressed in his attempts to help me with my math homework. Math not only seemed to prove I wasn’t cut out for a career as an engineer- it fractured my sense of identity as well.

But my aversion to math led to me to find a different identity. Unlike my struggles in trying to understand math, this identity was one that fit effortlessly without feelings of incomprehension and frustration. I discovered writing and the beauty of discovery and reflection it provided in a way math and its world of black and white answers never could. Through writing, I was able to voice my thoughts and express myself in a way I never thought possible. My love of writing evolved into a love of journalism and I made my way up the hierarchy of my school newspaper to become Editor-in-Chief and even gained an internship at the city’s local newspaper.

Although the concept of graphing hyperbolas never stuck, I learned other skills from math that resonate with me. My ambitious character developed through the struggles I had in math. It was through coming in to get help at all hours of the day that taught me perseverance. Making my own study guides taught me to seek creative ways in learning. Although I won’t be an engineer anytime soon, my struggles in math have allowed me to forge my own path while becoming an individual.

Writing has not only become part of my identity-it helped me form the person I am today, down to my philanthropist personality and over-achieving self. Through writing I have decided to make a difference. I may not have the math skills to invent an ozone-restoration machine but as a journalist, I can inform the public about the dangers of ozone depletion and offer a call to action for the one who can invent such a device.

So in a problem of solving the global issues of tomorrow, my X is bringing awareness and providing solutions through writing.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Jency for sharing your personal essay example that
we will include in our collection of college scholarship essay examples. We wish you the best in college and we are glad to see that you’ve discovered your passion in writing.

Engineering Essay

Adalee, Jackson, TN USA

College Admission Essay - Engineering This essay helped me gain acceptance into the engineering program at Washington University. - Early know-how = Acceptance to engineering school! - It is eight o'clock on a bright Saturday morning. The smell of slightly burnt toast, eggs, and potatoes hang low in the air of my kitchen. In front of my plate is a yellow sticky note with the Pythagorean Theorem written on it, with a triangle drawing included. I attempt some example problems between bites of breakfast.
Ever since I was old enough to recognize numbers my father, a mechanical engineer, has been introducing me to the fields of mathematics and physics. Over the years, these little lessons have elicited more complaints than gratitude, but as I prepare to enter College and ponder my future dreams, those bits of knowledge have made all the difference.

While being taught the value of Pi as a nine year old seemed useless at the time, I found as I reached higher level math and physics classes that those morning lessons were immensely helpful in understanding my teachers. I now love taking the time to figure out any problem and do not see lengthy algebra as a chore because my Dad fostered the rewards of problem-solving skills in my brain since early childhood. Not only has he introduced me to theoretical applications he has facilitated theory into practical life situations. I have been dragged into the garage on countless occasions to view the guts of our vehicles, help torque the tires on our car and changed a spark plug on the mower. Through much observation, I am a proud seventeen year old girl who can change a car's oil, rotate tires and name major parts of the engine.

Physics lab classes at my high school also provided a means to stimulate my inquisitive side. We built and raced cars, experimented with a water clock, and made a pendulum big enough that it had to hang from the ceiling. These labs further fueled my love to build and create.

I cannot leave Mom out of this equation for my love of engineering. She is the opposite of my Dad and grew up with a fear of the math and sciences. She is instrumental in fostering and encouraging me to pursue a career that seemed unreachable to her. She took it upon herself to learn about E=MC2, and is always there to listen to me when Calculus 11 problems confound me.
I know that the seeds of math, physics, and science at an early age will prove to be an asset as I take my knack for tinkering, to pursue a career in the field of engineering. Who knows, one day I may be involved in an engineering project that will have a long term positive impact on our daily living. I feel confident in knowing that engineering is the right fit for me.

Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Adalee for sharing your college admission essay and how it helped you get accepted to college. Best of luck to you in the engineering program at Washington University.

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