Free Money for College

by Lauren Harkins
(Freedom, PA)

Our Daughter

Our Daughter

Cha-ching! Free Money for College on the Internet! - Believe it! It’s not a scam! There’s free money for college on the Internet! The more you look; the more you find. I didn’t believe it at first but now I’m becoming an expert.

I thought that scholarships were only for low income families, outstanding athletes, and minorities. I didn’t think there was a way to find educational assistance for my very average middle class children, but I was wrong; it’s everywhere.

The first scholarship essay contest I encouraged my son to enter he won $500 dollars and in the second contest he won $5000; I was hooked! I began searching online and found dozens of scholarships; some appropriate for my son and others appropriate for my daughter. I found those that work best for our family are essay contests between 250 and 1000 words that can be submitted online, although we’ve made videos, submitted artwork and photographs, and mailed some applications as hard copy.

I found that even when we don’t win, some of the essay topics inspire conversations with my children. The last essay that my daughter wrote, the topic was, “If you could be a superhero for a day, who would it be, and how would you use your powers?” The requirement was a 250 word essay but we talked and laughed about possible ideas for a week. The whole family was involved with offering suggestions and ideas. The actual writing of the 250 word essay took her less than an hour to complete. It was an online submission so there were no added costs of paper, and envelope, or stamps. It was absolutely, totally free money for college. Time, persistence, and creativity are the only investment needed for these types of scholarships.

I avoided video entries at first but then came to realize how talented and creative my children could be with their cell phones and our inexpensive pocket video camera.

We were having so much fun entering scholarship contests as a family that one of my daughter’s friends asked if she could participate with us. She came running through the house screaming when she won $2000 on her second attempt with a 500 word narrative about her childhood.

College search engines are a great way to find scholarships such as;,,, and, but random searches through, and, I have found work well too.

The best advice is to find scholarships that really fit your children’s interests and skills. While I thought my children were “average” I found they were creative writers and could really express their thoughts, experiences, and dreams, well.

Good luck, and remember you have to enter to win free money for college on the internet. Someone is going to receive the scholarship money that is available out there; why shouldn’t it be you!

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Lauren for spreading the word about Free Money for College on the Internet! I liked to hear how it inspired conversations with your children. What a great idea. Good luck to you on your next scholarship essay contests.

Education Beyond High School with Others Money

(by Jamal, Florida)

For all college student stressing about how to pay for their classes this information should be able to ease your frustrations. Scholarships and Grants are the best way to pay for college because unlike loans you don’t have to repay the money that’s given to you.

You can find scholarships anywhere online from websites such as,, and much more.

Scholarships aren’t for free you have to earn them by showing the one providing the scholarship what makes you stand out. There are so many different ways to earn a scholarship mainly by submitting an essay or doing something creative like sending in a film. GPA helps with earning scholarship but most now a day doesn’t even require a high GPA because they don’t believe that it shows your true potential.

Most scholarships I’ve seen are mostly for high school students and does pay from $500-$18,000, but that doesn’t mean there are no scholarships for current college students. In fact scholarships for college students pay even more than the ones for high school students especially if your going beyond your bachelors degree.

Now scholarships are a great way to pay for school but they are not the only way. Grants are another great way to pay for college; it is basically free money for college. College grants can be earned almost anywhere you can get them from clubs, colleges, governments, and of course they can be found on websites. In my honest opinion grants are better than scholarships because they pay more than scholarships and can in fact pay for your entire college finances which means your room and board, and of course your classes. Grants are earned differently than scholarships because you have to meet certain requirements to get them. Grants help students with financial problems must more than scholarships can because it is easier to obtain and more beneficial than scholarships.

With these two choices in financial aid student loan should not even be considered as a choice to pay for college, in fact student and loan are two words that shouldn’t even be put together.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Jamal for sharing your essay about education beyond high school with others money. You are correct that scholarships and grants are the way to pay for college whenever possible. Best of luck to you.

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