Tailor the Job to YOU!

by Erika Lodgek
(Peoria, Arizona, United States)

During my college experience at Arizona State University, one of the best jobs I had was working as a certified pharmacy technician. I started working within the pharmacy my freshman year and continued with the company until I entered medical school. The main reason I enjoyed this job so much was the fact that it allowed practical application of the material I was learning.

As a Health Sciences major, many of the courses I was enrolled in were science-based and included chemistry concepts. As a result, the pharmacy played the role of a laboratory science course since I was able to physically practice what I had just been exposed to within lecture. This facet of my job was one of the most rewarding since it reinforced numerous concepts and made connections that I was unable to make on my own within the classroom. Therefore, when selecting a college job I would keep in mind the opportunity you have to tailor it towards your future career plans. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be a direct correlation, but if it is similar, it can aid in your professional preparation to gain experience early on. For instance, these past five years within the pharmacy have contributed to clinical experience hours that apply towards my medical school application.
In addition, the job itself was great with a busy school schedule. For instance, the hours of operation were reasonable since the closing time was 9:00pm, which still provided
adequate time in the evening to study and complete homework assignments. At the same time, on the weekends the pharmacy was only open until 6:00pm, thus I was able to see friends and experience social activities. This characteristic of the pharmacy is another important factor to consider when searching for a student job, because your main focus while receiving your education is being a student. Therefore, it is pertinent to search for a job that allows you to have school as your main focus and only adds to your college experience.

Overall, I would certainly recommend a college job as a pharmacy technician, especially if you are pursuing a career within healthcare. From my experience working part-time through my undergraduate education, working can definitely help pay for college. The main thing working can help pay for is the additional expenses that are not built within the tuition of attending college. For example, if you commute to college, working a student job can pay for your gas expenses. Additionally, a student job can also provide spending money for items not related to education. As I previously mentioned, working a job that ties into your future profession is extremely beneficial since it provides the necessary experience to apply to graduate education opportunities. Above all else, find a job that makes you happy; you can never go wrong.

Thanks Erika for sharing the importance of tailoring a student job to you - the student. Best of luck to you.

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My Name is Shannyn and I Will be Your Waitress Today

by Shannyn Tate
(Tea, SD)

Wanting to make good money for college, but not wanting it to consume your life? Being a waitress can solve that problem. For me, I started out as a host when I was sixteen and then moved up to a server when I turned eighteen. Serving is also a very good way to connect with people in your town or city and learn good communication skills.

Starting off serving is little overwhelming with having to remember where your tables are at in their meal and what you need to bring them. For example, you might have a table that is finishing up and needs boxes and a check, another table could be waiting on their meal, and another table could have just gotten sat. They would all need different things. This is very helpful with expanding your multitasking skills. Once you get past that, the tips will start to flow in. You’ll learn how to talk with you’re guest and how judge what they want better and faster. On slower nights, I still make ten dollars an hour with busy nights getting up to twenty dollars an hour. The money is very good considering you’re a college kid with no degree and don’t have a lot of options without the words minimum wage included.

Being a student in college most likely means you spend a lot of time studying and not a lot of time for working. The great thing about serving is that restaurants always need extra help on the weekends. Even if it’s not every weekend, restaurants will be glad to have you come in one weekend a month to work. Also, weekends mean it’s busier which means more money in your pocket. I really like this because I work an hour away from my school, so when I come home to work I can work twenty hours in just two days. Another wonderful thing about this kind of job is during the long winter and summer breaks, you can have the option of working full time hours which is something you cant do if you are working on campus.

In conclusion, working as a server has some great benefits. It helps your communication skills, math skills, multitasking skills, and did I mention you get discounted food? It has not only helped me out with paying for school, but half of the servers working in the same restaurant as me pay for their college classes too. If you are one of the many college students who want to make money and still have time to study, I encourage you to look into a serving job.

Thanks Shannyn for sharing your experience as a waitress. This is a great student job with flexible hours, discounted food and tips. Best of luck to you.

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YMCA School Age Assistant Teacher

by Joshua

I have started working as an assistant teacher at before and after school care at the YMCA. This is the most adequate job for college students- regardless of their major.

You have to be willing to work super early in the morning and late in the afternoon, but it works well around a college students schedule. I am able to go to work early in the morning, then go to classes, do homework, or rest; then I go back to work. Sometimes I have a class that interferes with a work shift and that is okay, you just do not go to that one shift every week. I was also able to pick up a few extra hours in another department at the YMCA so that I am able to work thirty hours a week- but on my own terms at times that work for my schedule.

The other department is the childwatch program. This is where parents drop off their children to play while the parents go work out. The pay is not necessarily tremendous, but it helps me pay for an apartment, electricity, and internet.

I was working at a retirement home before that, but it just got too stressful and you had to work set 4 or 8 hour shifts and then had a one hour class one day that fixed it so you could not work at all that day. With the YMCA, if that happens, it is okay.

I work 2 and a half hour shifts. I work one shift some days, 2 shifts other days and even three shifts on a few days. I am an education major and this helps me out, but other majors are hired too. In the summer and on days school is out, you can get more hours at the YMCA working with the children all day- since school has closed, but the parents still have to work and need to have somebody take care of their children. If you like children and need to work through college, then looking into a YMCA school age or childwatch program would be beneficial for you.

Thanks Joshua about sharing your experience as YMCA School Age Assistant Teacher. It's important to have a job where they can be flexible with your class schedule. Best of luck to you.

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