Going Above and Beyond

by Allissa
(Youngstown, Ohio)

I chose “student jobs” to do my essay on because I just recently got a part time job working at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio. I am very excited about this job because it is going to help my career in the long run.

At St. Elizabeth’s Hospital I am considered patient transport. This is where I push patients around to different areas and departments in the hospital. My boyfriend’s best friend also works here and that is how I got in. It is a part-time Monday thru Friday job, and working every other weekend.

The reason I am so excited about getting this job is because I am going to college to be an X-ray Technician. Although patient transport has little to do with my actual career it is still in the medical field. This meaning that my time I encounter at St. Elizabeth’s will transfer to any other hospital in the future. I will be a step ahead with time and knowledge rather than just coming start out of college with no hospital experience.

After getting this job I encourage everyone to try to find or have a little experience around the career they want to pursue. It shows you the environment, the type of people you will be working around, and gives you a bigger picture of what you will be doing for the rest of your life. After all college is not cheap and I’m sure everyone is very aware of that.
No one wants to go to college for something they think they want to do for the rest of their life and then find out when finished that they hate it. If one is not able to find a similar or job around their career field, seeing jobs are limited, I would suggest going on internships or even shadowing people in your career.

I original wanted to get my bachelor degree in Nursing but after having this experience and knowledge at the hospital I found out that I would like being an x-ray technician much more. Nurses deal with a lot more than what I would want to handle after witnessing everything. I always knew what nurses did and heard many stories but after actually seeing it firsthand I found out it would not be for me.

Many managers and supervisors encourage college students to come in and do an internship or shadow their employee’s for a couple of days to find out what the position is all about. I definitely would recommend everyone going beyond of just researching or listening to peers about what is best for a career and get involved and do some on hand experience, it really helps.

Thanks Allissa for sharing your advice about student jobs in Going Above and Beyond. You bring up an excellent point - working in your field can help you decide whether you really like that major, or want to switch to something else. Good luck to you.

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More than a Paycheck: from Job to Career

by Jody Wacker
(Pipestone, MN, USA)

Garnering appropriate work experience is as important as the money those experiences bring in, making the best college job unique to each individual.

My recommendation is to secure a job in your preferred field. The benefits are cumulative and can help turn a job into a career. Not only will you earn spending money (or tuition) while in college, you will also gain knowledge of the business from the ground up. This hands-on, comprehensive understanding of an industry is worth more than a mere paycheck. Future employers will recognize your hard work and dedication, as you will have received not only your college education, but also on the job training, making you more valuable than a newbie with fewer relevant experiences.

Additionally, the promotions you earn will be within the company or field, thereby increasing your chances of permanent hire later on. Lastly, these jobs put you in touch with the right people in the right industry who can write strong letters of recommendation for internships, grad school or future employment.

For instance, the jobs I took as a student were focused on people. I worked for group homes, in preschools and for two social service agencies. This was the perfect training for my psychology background and future career in child protection and advocacy.

If you want a career in business or human resources, work for a superstore or department store, moving through the ranks to manager by graduation. If you'd like to pursue a culinary career, don't dig ditches. Save those jobs for engineer or construction students. Be smart about your time and talents and use your unique skills, experiences and interests to get ahead: financially and professionally.

Thanks for the advice Jody. It is great to try student jobs or internships related to your major or interests. Glad to hear it worked out for you. Good luck.

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Share Your Joy and Get Paid For It!

by Megan Urz
(Independence, Kentucky)

High School Senior Picture

High School Senior Picture

My passion is singing. When I come home from school, I walk in the door and I’m singing. It just brings me joy and I love sharing my joy. My first “big” job was being hired as an entertainer at Coney Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. This summer will be my third summer performing, doing something I love. Just working seasonally has allowed me to save money for college expenses.

Now I am a freshman in college at Northern Kentucky University in their BFA Musical Theatre Program. As a musical theatre student, it’s difficult to work through the school year because my day can be long with ballet, tap, voice and gen ed courses. If I’m not casted in a show, I’m working the stage crew or seating people during the season. When casted in a show, I’m can be at school until 11 pm at least 5 days a week. Let's face it. We college students are busy and can be pulled in so many different directions, so budgeting is key if one can’t work through the school year. I budget my gas expenses for the whole year so I’m not asking my parents for gas money. I have an “envelope” system. When I’m paid, I set aside money for college, emergencies, tithes (I believe in giving back), gas, and even an envelope for fun with my friends. Sounds kind of old fashioned but it works! I can visually see what I’m spending because I’m paying with cash. It also helps me not to spend on things I don’t really need because once that cash leaves my hands, I know it’s gone.

A few odd jobs I’ve had through the school year that works around my school schedule is working birthday parties. I’ve made extra cash by dressing up as the Disney Princess Belle. I get to be a character, read to children, sing and get paid for it. I have so much fun, it doesn’t feel like work. I’ve sung at a funeral, (of course I didn’t ask for money), but they insisted. I would love to sing at weddings.

My advice to high school and college students is to work hard. Be the best and give your best no matter what you’re doing. Whether it’s flipping burgers, scooping ice-cream, or singing, others will notice your work ethic which I believe always has a return in some way or fashion. Word of mouth goes a long way, and has opened up different doors for me, as it can for anyone who demonstrates joy in what they are doing.

Thanks Megan for sharing your advice about doing something you love for your job. Your enthusiasm shows and it's great advice for student job seekers. Best of luck to you.

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