The "No Lose" Job Solution

by Kelly
(Las Vegas, NV, United Stats of America)

Volunteering – The “No Lose” Job Solution for College Financing - Our culture is saturated with the fear of a collapsing economy. This fear has merit. My own father lost jobs because of closing businesses. As the number of places to work has dwindled, even successful and educated college graduates have found a fog of uncertainty looming outside of the classroom doors.

Most graduates have debts to pay, so finding a good job to pay off that debt is even more imperative and stressful. Years ago, I stumbled upon a tool for getting jobs which has served me well ever since; volunteering. Volunteering benefits you as well as others and can make you the top choice for your job of choice.

At fifteen, I wanted to get job experience, so I volunteered at a local hospital clinic until I collected more than 300 volunteer hours. After a few months, my supervisor told me that she wanted to hire me because of my quality work. A full time position was later offered to me as well, and in time one of the Doctors in the clinic offered me a job because of my work ethic and cheerful attitude. I started volunteering and ended up having three amazing jobs all while attending High-school!

You know what you have to offer. You know what an asset you can be to an employer. The trick is to get your possible employers to realize this as well. There are an overwhelming amount of applicants for any job. What will make you stand out? Use the tool I stumbled upon. Start volunteering in the industry you desire to work in and gain experience and exposure. There is no losing as a volunteer.

By volunteering, you gain practical perspective into the workings of any industry. The experience you accumulate shows that you understand the work and are a stable investment. Possible employers get to meet you, see how you fit in, and what your work ethic is. Even if you aren’t an academic “Rock Star”, hard work, stability, and a cheerful attitude can make you the best choice for any position. Request letters of recommendation from leaders in the field in which you volunteer. People like connections, and the more connections you make with a possible employer, the more likely they are to remember you.

It doesn’t take much for a future boss to take notice of you. Even a few hours can make you memorable. Go talk to someone at your dream workplace about volunteering. Tell them that you want to gain perspective into how the specific field works in the real world. Once you are in; work hard, be the asset they need, and don’t forget the power of a smile! Even if you only gain insight and a letter of recommendation, these can make the difference in a future job interview.

Now go
out there and set the world on fire! Get that dream job and pay off those debts! You’ve worked too hard to let fear stop you now.

Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Kelly for your excellent advice about volunteering. A good work ethic and smile combined with volunteering will open many future doors for you. Good luck.

Give a Year and Change the World

(by Frank, Boston, MA, USA)

Give a Year, Change the World (and save money too!) National service is the best way to pay for college. AmeriCorps programs like City Year or Playworks, allow young adults, fresh out of high school in many cases to serve a year and receive a Segal’s Education Award amounting to $5,550. Many universities will even match your Segal’s Education Award providing an equal amount to put towards your education! In one year you could pay for more than $11,000 in education costs. Not only are you given a grant to reward you for your service, but you are also given a living stipend during that time and to pay for your expenses.

Paying for college can, in many cases, become significantly easier after serving a year with an AmeriCorps program. Coming right out of high school and devoting your time to a great cause shows college admissions departments that you are hardworking and dedicated. College graduates who participate in an AmeriCorps program can also use their awards to pay existing student loan debt. Likely, you will become eligible for many other scholarships that can amount to a free ride! Nothing beats free, especially when the cost of education is so intangible for many people.

City Year, for example, partners with many universities throughout the country who offer City Year Corps Members anywhere from 25%-100% tuition costs, because of their service and dedication to the community. The profound experience that one will receive from their AmeriCorps experience will also help foster a maturity that will promote success academically and as leaders in college.

With such success one will receive attention from faculty, staff, and community members that provide further opportunities for growth. AmeriCorps is a life changing experience and offers opportunities for all everyone’s interest. It seems like an obvious choice when preparing for college, yet many Americans do not serve.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Frank for sharing your advice about AmeriCorps program, a great way to serve your country and pay for college. Good luck to you.

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