The Advantages of On-Campus Jobs

by Callie Branyan

A job on campus is by far the best way to pay for college. Being a triplet with a single mother, it has always been assumed that I would have to pay my own way through college. I worked my entire life to get good grades and gain experience so that I could get as much financial aid as possible. Of course, I couldn't get every expense covered, and that’s where my campus job comes into play.

The first week I got to school, I spent all of my spare time looking for jobs. Luckily my school had a database filled with available jobs that you could apply for. I hit the little green button that said “apply” for every job I was eligible for. It didn't matter what it was, I needed money, and they needed students. Campus jobs are perfect for students because your boss knows and understands the time and energy just being a student requires. They are extremely flexible with scheduling hours and are always ready to give advice. They understand that it is your priority to do well in your classes and that your job is a way to help you reach your goals. My boss always makes sure I have plenty of time to study, and if I look tired he’ll let me off for the day a little early. He’s always willing to give advice, and help me where he can.

Most on-campus jobs are looking for people dedicated to furthering themselves both in character and in school, and they want to help you along the way. I couldn't imagine having a better boss or job than I do now. I have learned some extremely helpful technical skills, how to manage time, how to handle responsibility in a professional environment, and your boss is always and excellent source for a recommendation letter. I have made some great connections and have had many networking opportunities. Even if you are just working in the food court, future possible employers will see that you took your future into your own hands, and worked hard to get your way through college without building up a massive pile of debt.

On campus jobs are flexible, pay well, and come with the assurance that school always comes first. Finding a job that fits a full-time student’s schedule can be difficult, but on-campus employment is the perfect kind of job to fit your busy life. If you are as fortunate as I am, you’ll make great connections, learn new and useful skills, and make friends along the way.

Thanks Callie for so clearly explaining the Advantages of On-Campus Jobs. Good luck to you.

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Student Jobs - Work Study Is The Way To Go!

by Cody Deeran
(Tucson, AZ)

My first Federal Work Study job or student job was awesome! I worked in a computer lab, where I assisted students and faculty with their computer problems. I choose this position based off of my major, which is Computer Science. That’s the cool thing about student jobs, the University or Community College that you go to will help find a position for you based upon your major, that way you learn valuable skills for you profession.

My work study job taught me hope to cope with a hectic environment, how to think and problem solve on the run, for example: When the printer goes down and you have 20 students and each of them has a 10 page essay they need to print before their class starts in 20 minutes. You have to figure out what’s wrong with the printer and get it back online in the next few minutes.

Another great thing about work study jobs is that they work around you, which is a fantastic thing to have because your schedule is forever changing in college due to study times, lab times, family time, and your social life. Your schedule becomes very hectic in college and having a job that gives you the flexibility to complete all your tasks before coming to work so you are not stressing about when you are going to get everything done is huge.

Now my absolute favorite thing about student jobs is that you get to work on homework! Student jobs take pride in you excelling with your education. If you have a big test you need to study for or three classes assigned 5-10 page essays that are due by the end of the week, they say no problem, work on your assignments and help out when someone needs it.

Thanks Cody for sharing your experience with student jobs through work study program. I always encourage students to select the work study option on the FAFSA. It makes it easier to find a job on campus which is flexible to your schedule. Best of luck to you.

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Working in College: The Balancing Act

by Talin Aydinian
(Phoenix. AZ)

Like many students my senior year of high school had a strong focus on preparing my college arrangements. Where do I want to attend college? What should I study? How do I fill at FAFSA? Where am I going to live? And most frequently, how am I supposed to pay for all of this? For a majority of students- the answer is work.

The broke college student stereotype is one of the few stereotypes that prove to be true in most cases. Perhaps you will get some scholarships, grants, some help from your parents, and loans. Even with all of that it is not uncommon to struggle financially. That is where the importance of student work comes in.

My senior year of high school when I made this realization I felt a slight sense of panic. I was busy in high school. I not only took my high school courses, but I also took a few classes at my local community college. Additionally I had worked two jobs since my Junior year of high school. On top of that I still made time to volunteer at a nearby hospital and spend time with friends. So why did I worry so much about working one job in college?

After my first month at university the answer was clear. I had been a student who frequently took honors and AP course work at my high school, and yet college felt overwhelming. I was in a new environment, extremely large classrooms, far from home, and for the first time having to put tremendous amounts of effort into my course work like never before. Considering that I was a first generation college student, I had no idea what to expect. In this new environment I had to adapt quickly and I learned a lot along the way.

College environments are teaming with the need for student workers. My best bit of advice is to do your best to find a job that would serve to better your resume and experience. For me this came in the form of peer mentoring. By being a peer mentor, I was able to work closely with other students and to help them be successful. Being able to do this was not only rewarding but also great experience. It shows the skills of a leader and would look great on my application.

Regardless of what you’re studying, anything to get your foot in the door helps. By doing this not only do you serve to better your financial situation but you also serve to better prepare yourself for graduate school or future careers.

Even if you can’t find an opportunity right away it is important not to give up. Sometimes you have to temporarily work in a food position or retail, but even this holds a higher purpose. Working during school teaches you real life time management as well as money management. Often working during school motivates students because they don’t have opportunities to procrastinate and put off school work.

It isn’t uncommon for students to only work 10-15 hours a week. It does not sound like much but the way working can impact your financial situation is tremendous. There are so many small and often unexpected payments that go hand in hand with maturing into adulthood. By working you are able to help yourself pay for food expenses, travel, books, and sometimes even a little extra to just treat yourself after a tough exam.

Working during school can minimize the financial strain on you and your family. You may be able to take out a smaller loan or no loan at all. It teaches responsibility and can also be a good way to ease into a new college environment by becoming friends with other student co-workers. A student job makes you financial and educational experience more rewarding and smooth.

Thanks Talin for sharing your ideas - Working in College: The Balancing Act. Student jobs bring many benefits besides just money. Thanks for sharing.

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Working is Studying

by Natalie
(Stafford, VA, USA)

As a Junior in college I had performed exceptionally well in my Human Anatomy class that I was accepted as a Teacher's Assistant the following semester and was given a spot in the school's Advanced Human Anatomy class for my senior year. During my Human Anatomy professor's office hours I noticed that he was extremely busy, slightly unorganized, and overwhelmed. After our meeting I said to him, "You sure could use a student assistant!"

Four months later I got a call from that professor offering me a job as his student assistant. My job would be to set up and take down the anatomy laboratories, pin cadavers, and display proper resources and models according to the course outlines for students taking the basic Human Anatomy course. I was eager to hop on the opportunity because not only do I love anatomy but it would help me study and stay sharp for my Advanced Human Anatomy class that year!

If there aren't any jobs available at your school that you know of, ask your professors if they need a student assistant! Be sure you have a good relationship with them and ask them early as they may have to get it approved with their department first.

What a great idea Natalie. Thanks for sharing your strategy to get a job as a student assistant. Best of luck.

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