Federal Pell Grants

Federal Pell Grants are free grants for college students who qualify for assistance. This grant never has to be repaid, so is truly free money for college.

If you are looking for free money for college, it is hard to beat a federal Pell Grant. All students who are interested in free grants for college should submit a FAFSA, which serves as the free grant application. Awards are made students based upon financial need. You will be notified of your Pell Grant award, if any, as part of your financial aid package.

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Federal Pell Grant for College Students

Federal Pell Grants

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Federal Pell grants for college students average around $2500 per year, and may be reduced if you reduce your units. You also must make satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for your grant.

For 2016 - 2017, the federal Pell Grant maximum award is $5815. Students are limited to only 12 semesters, and some awards will be less than prior years. There are no awards for summer school.

Many recipients are also eligible for low-interest student loans known as Perkins Student Loans, and some scholarships such as Gates Millennium Scholarships.

Recipients are also eligible for other grants for college students that may be awarded based upon their FAFSA financial need, and outside scholarships making college much more affordable. Scholarships and Grants

Pell Grant Requirements

To be eligbile for a federal Pell Grant, you must meet certain minimum requirements. For a list of the requirements, see Pell Grant Requirements.

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