Scholarships for Minorities

Apply for college scholarships for minorities for 2024. There are some great college scholarships for minority students, including scholarships based on merit and financial need. There are also scholarships for Dreamers (DACA). Check them out if you qualify!

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College Scholarships for Minority Students

Scholarships for Minorities

The Gates Scholarships for 300 Minority Students

Application Deadline ~ September 15 (new scholarship)

Award Amount full funding after other sources of aid The Gates Scholarship replaces the Gates Millennium Scholarship program. Starting in 2018, it will be offered each year to 300 US citizens or permanent residents who are minority students (e.g. African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American). GPA 3.3 or higher, and will enroll as a student at a four year college or university. Must meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria, and demonstrated leadership ability. The Gates Scholarship is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and is expected to fund 3000 students over the program's life. Bill Gates Scholarships for Minorities

Generation Google College Scholarships for Minority Students

Application Deadline varies, typically February or March

Award Amount up to $10,000.

Google offers Generation Google scholarships for underrepresented minorities majoring in computer engineering, computer science, or related major. Graduate or undergraduate degree. For more information on the Generation Google Grant Scholarships for Minorities and to apply online see Generation Google Scholarship.

Dream Scholarships for DACA Dreamers

Application Deadline varies, typically Feb each year

Award Amount up to $29,000.

The Dream US offers opportunity scholarships and national scholarships for 2-year and 4-year college programs to Dreamers, those students who meet the DACA, or immigration criteria. In early 2018 they received an additional $33 million dollar grant from Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, and his wife, MacKenzie, to award an additional 1000 scholarships to help undocumented immigrant high school graduates with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status attend college. These are not necessarily Scholarships for Minorities but apply to all qualified immigrants. For more details and how to apply online see

The Jackie Robinson Scholarship

Application Deadline February each year

Award Amount up to $7,500 annually

These college scholarships for minority students are for graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a 4 year college in the US. ACT score of 22 or SAT score of 1000 (math and critical reading). Financial need required (must submit SAR from FAFSA). For more detailed requirements for The Jackie Robinson Scholarship see

Vanguard Scholarship Program

Application Deadline November each year

Award Amount $10,000 stipend

This scholarship for undergraduate students is one of the scholarships for minorities, but is no longer offered through Scholarship America. It may be cancelled but this is not confirmed. This scholarship is for college students entering their senior year at a full time 4 year college or university in the US, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Must be a member of a racial minority. Majors must be accounting, business, economics, finance, information technology, or liberal arts. This is a merit based scholarship, and financial need is not considered.

Air Force ROTC Scholarship for Minority Students

Application Deadline submit application any time

Award Amount up to 75 per year, full scholarship up to 3 1/2 years at participating schools, including up to $18,000 per year tuition and fees and additional expense allowance

Financial assistance to minority college students, including scholarships for minority women, who join ROTC and are willing to serve in the Air Force after graduation from college. Must be at least 17 years old with a GPA 2.5 or better. For ROTC Minority Scholarships information see

Wired Engineering Scholarship

Application Deadline October of each year

Award Amount 5 winners of $1000 each (multiple awards offered)

These scholarships for Engineering students who are interested engineering - mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, and computer engineering field. To qualify, you must be part of an underrepresented group in the Engineering field, such as women or Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). For Wired Engineering Scholarship information and application see

College Scholarships Foundation Minority Student Scholarship

Application Deadline December each year

Award Amount 1 award of $1000 each year

This scholarship for minority students is open to good college students who are Black, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific Islander, with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Both undergraduate and graduate students qualify. 300 page essay required. US citizens only. To apply online for these College Scholarships for Minority Students see

Helen Abbott Community Service Awards for Arab Americans

Application Deadline March each year

Award Amount 2 scholarship awards of $1000 each year for college students, and one award of $500 for high school students

This minority scholarship is for US citizens or permanent residents of Arab descent, who are in high school or college with minimum GPA 3.0. A 500 word essay related to community service is a requirement. For online application for this Arab American Scholarship see

Native American Scholarships from Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees

Application Deadline April or September of each year

Award Amount $1000

This scholarship for Native Americans is available to high school seniors who will attend college, and current undergraduate college students. 300 word essay required. Merit based scholarship based on community involvement and personal achievement. For more information and application requirements call (706) 729-5473.

Costco Scholarship

Application Deadline Automatic with financial aid packet

Award Amount $2,500 - $14,500 per year, renewable

If you are a high school senior minority student who will attend college at Seattle University or the University of Washington, the Costco Scholarship Fund offers minority scholarships through those universities. Requirements include a GPA of 3.0, US citizenship, and submission of a FAFSA. This is a financial need based scholarship. Contact the schools directly for more information about the Costco scholars program.

More Scholarships for Minorities and Scholarships for Minority Women

There are many grant and scholarships for minority students. Some are based on merit, and some on both merit and financial need. Most require the student to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

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Bill Gates Scholarships for Minorities

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