Scholarships for College Students

These scholarships for college students include undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships for 2024 school years.

Check out these undergraduate and graduate student scholarships, which are organized by application deadline. If you are not currently attending a college or university, check out our list of Scholarships for High School Students.

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Scholarships for College Students

 Brown university scholarships for college

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Note: These deadlines are based upon information available at the time. Most scholarship sites do not update their information until a few weeks before they are ready to accept applications. These deadlines and scholarship requirements may change, so be sure to check early and often so you don’t miss out on your best student scholarships.

Scholarships for College Students January

Truman Scholarship - up to $30,000 for graduate school for those who are interested in public service, either domestic or international (not for MBA). Must be nominated by their undergraduate school (limited to 4 nominations per school and 3 additional community college transfer nominations).

Extraordinary Personalities - Deadline January 15 for this international scholarship for college students who have unique backgrounds and extraordinary personalities. Check it out if you are bold!

Academy of Television Film Scholarships - Up to $2000 awards for excellent film making for college student videos by undergrads or grad students in the U.S.

Greeting Card Scholarship - Use your art talent to design the front of a greeting card and win $10,000, and an additional $1,000 for your college or university.

Scholarship Contests - Enter free scholarship contests and sweepstakes. Awards up to $5000 - $10,000 to the winners each month depending on the contest.

Student Scholarships February Application Deadline

Google Scholarships for Computer Science - Win up to $10,000 with these scholarships for college students majoring in computer science or related field. Most of these student scholarships are for undergraduates in their junior or senior year, or graduate students who are underrepresented in computer sciences. Sometimes the deadline is extended later in the year to allow more applicants to apply.

Video Contests - Enter your video into an online video contest. Prizes include cash, trips and more. Topics and deadlines vary.

National Parks Conservation Scholarship - The Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA National Parks Conservation Scholarships for college students offers a $750 stipend for each student trainee crew leader on a three week summer trail crew in a US national park. This program encourages undergraduate college students ages 19 – 20 who are interested in outdoor leadership and environmental education.

Bodie McDowell Scholarships for Outdoor Writing and Art - Up to $5000 awards for college students majoring in outdoor communication such as art, writing, broadcasting, and more.

Political Blogging Scholarship - Win a $2,000 student scholarship for the best blog about politics. One of the fun undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships for those who are politically active.

College Scholarships March Application Deadline

b>FAFSA - Submit your FAFSA by the deadline at your college and be eligible for many scholarships for college, grants and other financial aid as part of your financial aid package.

Common Knowledge Scholarships for College - Are you a know it all? Are you fast at answering questions? Take a common knowledge quiz and show your stuff. Topics and due dates vary, so check it out.

Davis Putter Scholarship - Up to $8000 scholarships for college students who are student activists involved with important social issues. These student scholarships are for undergraduate and graduate students.

Scholarships April Application Due Date

Future Entrepreneur Scholarships for College - If you are a budding entrepreneur, then this $12,000 scholarship may help you launch your new business.

Innovation and Creativity Scholarship - These $5000 scholarships for students with the best innovation and creativity in solving needs or problems.

Scholarship Contests - Enter some easy contests and sweepstakes for college.

College Student Scholarships May Application Deadline

Federal Nursing Scholarships - There are several nursing scholarships for college students who are interested in a career in nursing. Based on financial need.

Sleep Sherpa Scholarship - Make a fun video about your educational aspirations and dream to make the world a better place and you might win $1000 scholarship toward college.

Aging Matters Scholarship - Thanks for caring about seniors! If you plan a career in the senior community, currently work with seniors or care for an aging family member, you are eligible to apply for this $1500 college scholarship.

College Student Scholarships June Application Deadline

Tylenol Scholarship - Win up to $10,000 scholarship for college students in health related fields such as medicine, nursing, and health care management. Open to undergraduates and graduates.

Video Contest for College Students - Win up to $2,000 scholarship for short videos of 5 minutes or less produced by college students re. the theme "One Person Can Make a Difference. Open to undergraduate and graduate college students.

Dear Abby College Columnist Scholarship Contest - One $5,000 scholarship, is open to college undergraduates, including seniors, who write columns for their college newspapers.

Undergraduate Scholarships Summer Application Deadline

Flavor of the Month Scholarship - What ice cream flavor are you? See if you can churn ice cream into a scholarship.

Scholarship Contests - Enter more contests and sweepstakes. Some offer $5000 - $10,000 to the winners each month.

Scholarships for College Students October Deadline

Twitter Scholarship - One awesome tweet can win you $1400 in this Twitter scholarship for college.

Zombie Scholarship - Are you afraid of the walking dead? What if they invaded your college or university, what would you do? $2000 is there for the taking - if you live.

Scholarship Contests - Enter more contests and sweepstakes. Some offer $5000 - $10,000 to the winners each month.

Halloween Duct Tape Contest - For some Halloween fun enter a photo of your cute or scary Halloween pumpkin Use duct tape for decorations and win $1000.

Student Scholarships November Application Due Date

Vanuguard Minority Scholarship Program - Vanguard offers merit based scholarships for college students entering their junior or senior year of college.

Blogging Scholarships - $10,000 college student scholarships for the most interesting and unique blog by a full time college student in the United States.

Intelligence Community Scholarships - Win a $3000 if you are a college student interested in a career in the intelligence community.

Easy Scholarship Contests - Win up to $5000 - $10,000 free money for college with these student scholarship contests and sweepstakes.

Scholarships for College Students December Application Deadline

Dr. Pepper Scholarship - Win up to $100,000 in the Dr. Pepper student tuition giveaway. Must create a video to enter and be 18 – 24 years old.

College Scholarships Womens Scholarship - $500 - $1000 undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships for women. 300 word essay required.

Hispanic Scholarships - $1000 - $5000 scholarships for college undergraduates and graduate students of Hispanic heritage.

College Student Scholarships

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