Personal Statement

by Leonel Hernandez
(San Clemente)

Scholarship Essay Sample – Personal Statement

Every student experiences pressure in school, but I have faced two kinds of pressure in my life: peer pressure and family pressure. Overcoming these challenges has shaped me into the determined person I am today.

My world has always been different from an American student’s world. Peer pressure has been a big barrier in my life. I moved from Mexico to California in fourth grade, and I remember my first days in an American school as if they were yesterday. I tried hard to blend in with the rest of the kids, but everyone saw me as the new kid who could not understand a word they were saying. During my final two years in elementary school, I did my best to learn English. Even though they saw me trying hard, many kids made fun of me.

Two years later, I started middle school. I knew I would have to try even harder to prove to those who teased me that I could succeed. When I got my seventh grade schedule, I could not believe my eyes! I had one less ESL class! I worked incredibly hard that year and then, in eighth grade, I had no ESL class on my schedule. My first thought was, “At last. I’m finally entering the real world”.

Even in my early years in Mexico, I always had the drive to be number one in my school. I was among the top ten students in Math, and I always reached for the leading roles in Drama productions. In my California school, there were many others that I had to compete with to be counted among the top students. The peer pressure was intense, but I eventually found true friends who gave me the support I needed. These friendships were a blessing to me and my academic skills improved along with my mastery of English.

But just when I thought the peer pressure was over, another kind of pressure began in my freshman year of high school. My friends all thought I was a perfectionist who cared only about my studies, but they had no idea what was happening in my home life. I was the youngest of seven children, and my house was full of siblings who argued constantly. No one knew how hard it was to live under a roof where your parents would not talk to each other for weeks or months. My friends also did not know that I escaped to my room every night because it was the only place I could go to avoid the sounds of arguing. Family pressure was even worse than peer pressure. But despite my family issues, I was determined to do well in high school.

I am now beginning to plan my life after San Clemente High School. College is the next step. I have worked so hard and overcome some difficult challenges, but I welcome the many new challenges and victories that a college experience will bring. I will be the first member of my family to attend a university, and I am determined to select a college major, complete my degree, and find work that I love to do. My parents and family will be proud of me, and I will be even more proud to have succeeded when many people thought I could not.

I sincerely hope that you will consider me for your scholarship, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Personal Statement

Jacquelyn Jones
Perth Amboy, NJ

Personal Statement College Scholarship Essay Sample - My name is Jacquelyn Jones and I am a senior at Perth Amboy High School. As my senior year comes to an end I get excited for my future. I am excited to graduate, go to college and become independent. For years I had my older sister and my mother to teach me what to do but now that I am getting older the responsibility falls on me. My main goal is to succeed and success does not come easy. However, I am eager and willing to do whatever I have to in order to succeed.

I am going to college with an intended Sociology major because I want to be either a social worker or a guidance counselor so that I can offer help to those students who need help whether it is emotionally or physically. I want to give students what my guidance counselors never gave me, which was guidance and encouragement. I was not informed about financial aid information, scholarships and college help. I had to go out and look for help on my own and no student
should have to do the duties of a guidance counselor.

Students in my school do not apply to out of state colleges and universities because they do not have the money or are afraid to leave home but they were never encouraged to broaden their horizons and I want to be the one that encourages the youth and to make a change in someone’s life. My responsibilities as a social worker are to improve the environment around me.

I believe that I am the perfect candidate for this scholarship because African Americans are not always offered the same opportunities as other people but opportunities should be given to those who work for them. Financial status should not determine one’s success. African American youth need to rise up and help make a difference in the world but it is difficult without certain sources, such as money.

If I am awarded this scholarship it can help me pay for college and start my road to success. It changes lives and it encourages people to follow their dreams. My dream is to be a social worker and I am determined to be the best social worker by any means necessary.

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How My Experiences and Passions Effect Me as a Person

Tiara, Tennessee

Personal Statement Essay - There are many experiences, interest, and situations that have impacted me as a person as well as made me the person that I am today. Some of these experiences have been bad and some have been good for me. In all, these experiences that I have taught me life lessons.

As we all know, disagreement and arguments are apart of a relationship. My parents hold arguments from time to time; however, sometimes these arguments can get out of hand. Being a responsible adolescent and not wanting my siblings to be influenced by their actions, I had to step into the argument and say enough is enough; reminding my parents that they are adults and should handle their disputes in an adult manner.

The most significant challenge I have faced was moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Memphis Tennessee in 2008. Being raised in one city and having to move across the country to another was a huge step for me, especially when I have spend most of my childhood in Las Vegas. Moving day, June 8, 2008 was a very difficult and emotional day for me. I was depressed from the week prior to the move, up until 3 months after my family and I moved. I had to adjust very quickly to the life style coming from such a diverse city to an urban community. It wasn't until about months later that I realized that there was nothing that I could do but enjoy where I am... I learned that things in life are going to change and sometimes that change is good.

Art and Animals. These two special interests are my passion. Art has made me the creative person that I am today. It has made my knowledgeable of, not only seeing certain this in a different perceptive but seeing myself in a whole new context. Creating and loving art has lets me see the beauty in everything and everyone. My second interest is animals. This passion has allowed me to have a love for nature and all living things. I started getting interested in animals around seven years old. I would spend endless hours watching Animal Planet, learning how animals live in their habitat and natural state.

My passion has always been animals. This passion has allowed me to have a love for nature and all living things. I started getting interested in animals around seven years old. I would spend endless hours watching Animal Planet, learning how animals live in their habitat and natural state. This passion has also influenced my choice in my future occupation, becoming a veterinarian, helping one animal at a time. In order to get close to my dream, I would have to spend four years in college earning my bachelors degree in pre veterinary science. After my bachelors degree I would have to go on to attend veterinary medical school and earn my three years of residency. I am aware that my goal will take time and will be difficult at times; however I am will to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. These situations and experiences will not get in the way of doing what I love to do.

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