How to Earn $5,000 Per Hour!

by Corbin Harkins
(Freedom, PA)



Scholarship Contest - Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking that $5,000 per hour is impossible and too good to be true. Not so fast; I’m here to tell you exactly how I did it. My mother told me that there was a $50,000 scholarship contest on the website. All you had to do is explain in 250 words what you would do with a $50,000 scholarship. I’m here to tell you that it took me less than an hour to enter and while I didn’t win the grand prize of $50,000, I did win a second place prize of $5,000. It’s not hard and I encourage all of you reading this to give it a try. The following is my $5,000 winning entry:

Acquiring the Ability to Eliminate Disabilities

I am inspired by my girlfriend's father. In fact, my parents joke that I like him even more than I like her. He is knowledgeable, optimistic, and has a great sense of humor; unfortunately, he also has M.S. and is confined to a wheelchair. Getting to know him has changed my entire outlook on life. He is a great guy and has so much to offer the world but I see how challenging everyday tasks can be. Simple things that most take for granted can sometimes be huge obstacles for those with disabilities. I am attending Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and majoring in Biology with the hope that I can make life better for my girlfriend's father, as well as, others around the world like him. I'd like to work in the research and development sector of the medical field in order to find medications or create devices that assist those with disabilities. With the resources to get a good education; I believe I can enrich the lives of those with disabilities so that they too, can give back to society, all they have to offer. Thank you for your time, consideration, and the opportunity to obtain the means to make my dreams come true. I know I CAN make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities.

Are you impressed? Do you think you can do better? Then go for it! Maybe you have what it takes to win a $50,000 grand prize! Good luck! Remember, it doesn’t take a lot of time and thought if you are honest and just write from your heart.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Cordin for sharing your scholarship contest essay. We are pleased to see that you won your contest. Thanks for sharing it with others.
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Time is Valuable

(by Chaski, Georgia)

Time is valuable, use every possible opportunity to apply for scholarship and grants. Begin by using scholarship websites that allow you to create a profile. Download a digital head shot picture of you. Ask a teacher, community leader, coworker, pastor, or coach to write a letter of recommendation; it is a good idea to have three letters of recommendations available. Request a copy of official school transcripts. Make a list of participated sports, all awards received, volunteer and/or community involvement. Prepare a standard essay on your aspirations, goals, and length of time in which it will take you to achieve this. This will be a building block in which you can use toward writing essay scholarships.

Get a calendar, to help map out deadlines. Now that you have a few things that may be necessary for when applying for scholarships and grants it is now time to get serious and start applying.

Use your resources when searching for scholarships. You can search by gender, ethnicity, church affiliation, or your college/university choice financial aid office to name a few. Keep in contact with school counselors, teachers, they may be the first to recommend or nominate a student. Ask friends and family members to be mindful if they know of any scholarships during scholarship season, which is open all year.

When applying stay on topic, keep to the length of the scholarship. Reread, check grammar, spelling and write legibly or type. There is plenty of room to get creative, be you, and to the point. When asked to think outside that box do just that and get creative with it, it is that difference that may win you that scholarship. Dare to be different. You may want to have another person read to ensure that it reads correct.

Don’t focus on just one type of scholarship. Apply for all in which you are eligible for as you never know which scholarship may be the ONE.

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Thank you Chaski for sharing your tips about scholarships. We agree time is valuable, so your tips will help others get organized. Check out our scholarship lists by month to help you get organized. Good luck to you..

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