One Good Essay

by Amber
(Lawrence, KS)

Just Trying to Make It with ONE Good Essay - It's always difficult to find scholarships that are easy to complete that give you the amount of money that you desire. You have teachers and parents that are constantly nagging at you to fill out applications and get on top of your work. I am a freshman in college, and I have yet to come up with a simple solution.

My high school English teacher suggested making charts, the charts should include the scholarship, the requirements for the scholarship, the due date and any other extra information needed. Although I didn't find this useful at the time, now I can't help but to use her system. With finals and everything else going on, writing another essay for a scholarship is often the last thing on a student's mind... I know from personal experience.

I think that the key to a scholarship essay is making your paper stand out. If you give the reader something that they can remember, then you are more likely to be chosen.

Me, for example. I have had three corrective surgeries on my legs despite my aspiring dream to become a dancer. People love to hear about things like that. Use your unique qualities and your humor to your advantage.

As far as grants go, all I could simply advise is for you to apply as early as possible. Then, you will set yourself apart from the millions of other students who wait until three days before the deadline to submit their requests for the grant. Just try and stay ready, so that you don't have to get ready.

College is one big competition in a sense. Just like in a competitive classroom setting, you have to set yourself apart from all the other students when writing an essay or applying for something. Scholarships and grants are extra amounts of free money in your pocket and you'd be surprised how far one essay can take you. If you take the time to just write ONE good essay, you can even reuse that essay in multiple scholarship contests, unless of course they have a more specific prompt for you to address.

But all in all, my suggestions for any student, and also for myself, is to plan ahead and leave your mark. This is your one opportunity to show the "judges" that you need this and that your education means more to you than it does the next guy. Be yourself because there's always someone who you will stand out to. Don't be afraid to take risks.

You are COMPETING for scholarships and grants just as if you were competing in a sport or any other activity. Let them know that you want this and that you have the power to succeed in the end. They're not just distributing this money as shopping money or money for parties, so let them know that you are the student that they want to help because you have what it takes to make it to the top with their assistance.

There are all types of scholarships to apply for so use google, twitter and any search engine possible to find something that interests you because that will make it all the less painful. If you do not have a special talent or hobby, hopefully you have an outstanding list of volunteer experience or an outstanding GPA. What ever you have, there is someone who does not have that, so use your talents to your advantage. Be on
time (which means being early), and be ready to take charge and give the best first/last impression to the judges that you possibly can!

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

I like your suggestion Amber to write one good essay that you can use for multiple scholarship applications. Check out some of our Scholarship Essay Samples if you get stuck and need some scholarship essay inspiration. Good luck.

Scholarship Essays

(by Jacob, Memphis, TN)

Financial Aid and Scholarship Essays: Conquering The Giant - Finding money for scholarships and actually receiving the funds is a process that requires one to learn how to think out of the box and approach every scholarship differently.

One of the ways students apply for scholarships is by writing essays in their application. This essentially gives scholarships and foundations a picture of who you are as a person rather than seeing a name with a group of numbers. Having the ability to effectively communicate yourself to your future lenders is a ability that will help you in your quest to receiving the scholarship letter that you want and will also help you later on in life.

Writing scholarship essays is one the most simple tasks if understood properly. To put it into perspective, it's like driving a car. You would not want to drive you car unless you knew where you wanted to go or knew where you were going right? Writing an essay is a lot like looking at a road map, you must first recognize where you are at and where you are going to reach your destination.

Before writing, draw a template of what you want the topics to be including introduction and conclusion. An example of this would be of an essay about Flying for the first time, for example;
1.) Introduction
2.) Introduction to Flight
3.) Experiences While Flying
4.) Life After the Flight
5.) Conclusion

Seeing what the essay looks like beforehand, you can now add language and make the essay. Focus on consistency and fluidity. Say the essay to yourself and perceive how the reader would interpret it and change accordingly. Be original and interested in your topic and show enthusiasm for the scholarship that you want in the language of the essay. Do not plagiarize or cheat, everyone is accountable to their own success and failure. Having these skills and using them properly can not only help you in finding extra scholarship money but will help you in cover letters as well when you are job searching.

Having a template for your writing, being fluid and consistent in the language of the essay, being passionate and enthusiastic about your topic and lastly, not cheating in the essay will, if used properly and practiced often, can create scholarship winning material and can help you in your continued education goals and career ambitions.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Jacob for sharing your tips about financial aid and scholarship essays. Writing the best scholarship essays will help you win more scholarships for college. Good luck.

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