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Get energized with these college essays about motivation to succeed. Attending college requires motivation, so show how you can be inspired and motivated to succeed.

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Little Demolition Man

College Essay about Motivation to Suceed

University of Virginia

University of Virginia, vintage photo

Essay written by Eric from Bronx, New York

A loud clash of thunder sounds BOOM BOOM!!! A woman screams, and then a baby sprouts from his mother’s womb shouting surprise!! That’s exactly my lifestyle; always happy and filled with surprises. Ever since I learned to walk, I have been called little demolition man because I caused trouble and destruction where ever I ventured. This lifestyle came to an end as I stepped of the airplane at J.F.K airport entering into the United States. I started school at the age of six and by that age, what more can I ask for except my cartoons and toys. Back in Ghana, school students had a sense of decorum in their classrooms. Yet, I noticed that the students in the United States seem to have more freedom and rights within their classrooms and therefore led to disrespectful remarks towards adults with any sign of ramous. The melancholy faces of parents being insulted by their children sadden me because this sort of behavior was clearly unacceptable back in the mother land Ghana.

I have studied rude remarks made by children. I heard children shout onto their parents, “I hate you and I wish I wasn’t born into this family!” within a year I assimilated into a similar lifestyle presented by my peers. My mother never tolerated such behavior, but in my mindset, I was asking “Who the heck is she to order me around? I run the show in my house.” At least that bad boy act didn’t fool anybody because behind the tough act was the spirit of an innocent child. My life had a sudden change after my uncle threatened to send me back to Ghana and be disowned by my family if I didn’t change my behavior.

This tough behavior of mine was never eliminated from my character but suppressed because in my neighborhood was filled with drug-dealers and school drop-outs. About two-thirds of my friends didn’t attend school because they had to work and support their families. Others just felt that making fast money was the way of life. Flossing and glossing with hi-tech gadgets along with name brand clothing always caught my attention as I came home from school every day. Constant hellos were a must for me in order to avoid conflicts with the thugs standing in front of my building.

At one point, I was even invited to join that daily life of a street thug. The peer pressure almost got the best of me because I too wanted to own flashy gears like they did. Since my first conference with my uncle, he had kept a closed eye on me and he realized that I was being pressured and his best solution was to report the danger I was facing to my mother. Due to my immaturity, my mother felt I was quite gullible so she decided to move into a new environment. Our new neighborhood felt much secured than our old one because there was cameras and security around each building. Though there were still drug-pushers in my community, they simply kept their business to themselves. Moving into a new environment enhanced my way of living because now, I was able to focus on my classes instead of constant fear of being hurt.

Being reminded daily by my uncle, “America is a land of opportunities and I shouldn’t set my life goals low but rather high and we came to this country to be successful but not failures.” This mindset is what that keeps me motivated as I take a step on the ladder of knowledge and with this strong idea behind me, I am able to push myself in school. It also helps me work harder and seek for greatness knowing no matter how hard the next step might be, I always have the full support of my family.

Driven To Succeed As A Woman In The Automotive Field

College Essays about Motivation

Automotive Scholarship Essay Example written by Heidi from Massachusetts

My career goals are the same as anyone elses, to be successful. In this economy especially at the moment, that is a hard thing to do if you do not have a post high school education. I enrolled in school after graduating high school to not only better myself by pursuing something that I am interested in and love to do but to make a difference in that industry as well. In this particular field it is hard as a woman, maybe not as hard as it used to be as more women are doing things they never used to, but still hard none the less. I am talking about the automotive field.

I know that there are many deserving people of this scholarship that will be arguing their case, but I believe that I am one of those deserving people as well. I do not have a lot of experience in this field. I have not done a lot of work in this field other than side jobs on my own vehicles or vehicles of friends and family and the work i have performed on the vehicles when I am at school. I admit I do not have the experience, but what I do have is the motivation and drive to succeed in this field.

I have always had an interest in the automotive field, but did not really have the access to it until Universal Technical Institute. I decided to enroll in the school after a buddy day when I went and saw the school for myself and was excited to see how hands on it was. I have learned a great amount at UTI. I have expanded on my mechanical and diagnostic skills added on with the knowledge and theory behind it and also my confidence has increased greatly as well. Everything I have taken away from my education at UTI I can use to excel in the automotive field and my career. I may not have the experience just yet, but I will.

Right now I do however have the drive to finish my education and take what I have learned and use it in the field to succeed. The experience once I obtain it will help me to keep advancing in my career no doubt, but ultimately my drive will be what puts me on an extra level on top of that, my drive will be what sets me apart from the rest of those in this field or those trying to get into the field, my drive is what made me enroll in the school and what has gotten me so far there, and my drive is what I will use to do whatever it takes to succeed and keep expanding upon my education to contribute to this industry. This drive that I am putting so much emphasis on is also what has me writing this essay despite the fact that I go to school full-time and work full-time.

I believe that this scholarship will help me to continue my education and then go out and get the experience I need so that I can reach my goals of becoming one of the best technicians out there.

In Order To Run Fast, You Must Run Fast

One of our college essays about motivation, written by Anna from Illinois

I seize the run one stride at a time. My New Balance shoes are broken in and take what feels like a thousand hits a minute, as each foot greets the asphalt. My fingertips feel the pressure of the wind as intensely as everything else, and I immediately tuck them into a loose fist. The cold air pierces my ears and I cannot remember why I thought the weather was not cold enough for a hat. But these are not the thoughts that travel through my mind as I progress down the lengthy street.

I close my eyes; manage a few paces before the fear of tripping or careening down the slender walkway overwhelms me and I open them again. On this six-mile journey around the neighborhood and back, I enjoy the challenge of losing myself, even if just for just a few seconds. It's necessary to experience my run through different senses and obstacles.

I pick up speed while I stride past local businesses and busy stoplights where friends and family claim to have seen me before. I allow them to push me in the next hour or so despite their absence. I remember terms coaches have drilled into my mind, "Relax your arms!" "Work those hills!" "Lift your knees!" Each one is a hint my memory releases at just the right checkpoint, and suddenly I find myself cruising to a speed I never knew I could obtain.

In the middle of my run: there it is, that striking pain in my side that is indescribable to anyone who is lucky enough to miss out on such a feeling. The stab of pain catches me off guard and throbs with every consistent inhale in my so-far reliable breathing pattern. If I stop to attempt to shake it off now, I know I won't be able to find this pace again. I continue to bring one leg forward and, although it is a struggle physically and mentally, I make it through. The stitch in my side slowly fades and I can drift in thought without being rudely interrupted.

I cannot help the images and dates flying by — an art history exam tomorrow, extravagant plans for a friend's birthday, a nice dinner I'll enjoy with my family. We’ll have takeout followed by watching our favorite TV show on the couch. I'll work on my next art piece while my parents sit at their desks, typing frantically to the beat of a theme song that streams from the television. I concentrate on the things that carry some weight in my life.

When I come back to the world outside of my crowded mind, I realize this run is coming to an end. As exhausted as I am, I jolt my pace for the last half-mile. It is my follow through that counts. I take my last few strides up the driveway and feel the satisfaction that is never achieved through video games or following a television character's journey. I'm fatigued and in dire need of water, but I cannot contain my pride in making it through the last six miles.

I confront everyday I wake up the same way I tackle each run. Pressures can consume a person, but when I am prepared for challenges even the worst of days can be seen as manageable. My friends and family help drive me to achieve goals and their words and actions stick with me. Obstacles may cause me to stumble, but as long as my perseverance stands, so do I.

I care immensely about the fact that the things I am doing are making me happy. That is why, just like a run, I pick the route I want to continue on. I chose to pursue Bradley as my number one college partly because I found the atmosphere to be welcoming — the fit seems right — and partly because it seemed like a good place for my challenging journey to begin.

You see, for me, it is all about the run.


College Essays about Motivation

Cheerleading Scholarship Essay written by Abigail from Washington

Cheer has impacted my life in many ways. I have met some of the most amazing people, learned responsibility, and most importantly discovered the significance of commitment. Participating on my high school’s varsity cheerleading squad for three years has defiantly been an emotional roller coaster. Coming into my first year of cheer was very nerve racking. I was surrounded by all these beautiful, skilled, and well-rounded girls. I soon found my place on the team and had a great time. That year’s team won state and I made lifelong friends.

My second year of cheer was a little different. I felt like the team never got along and everyone was always arguing. Respect for one another was lost at times and we all started to dread going to cheer. As my third year of cheer was rolling around, my three best friends decided they did not want tryout again. This really affected me because I knew if I stuck with cheer I would never have time to see them. I also had to remind myself that I truly love cheering and that I had worked hard to make the team.

Cheer provided structure in my life and even if I had one bad year, I knew as a senior I could control how my last year was going to be; positive. I talked with my coaches and said I know my friends are not trying out but I have committed myself to something great for two years now and it wouldn’t be right to bail and not dedicate myself to the team for my third year. I ended up trying out and have had the most amazing season of cheer yet. At times the team would be exhausted and complain about running but I can defiantly say all our hard work paid off when we won state last weekend.

I learned that if you stay committed and set goals for yourself, when you accomplish those goals you will feel a great amount of achievement. My senior year of cheer was defiantly my favorite. I had a blast with some of the most amazing girls I know and laughed more than I ever knew I could. Cheer is not just a sport I do, it’s a sport that was taught me many life lessons and skills that I will never forget and carry with me wherever I may go.

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