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My Passion for Educating the Autistic Children

College Admission Essay About a Significant Experience written by Quanee from New Jersey

Through life, many challenges have come my way. My life as an adolescent has been filled with a great number of challenges. Some of those challenges I have faced and others I have given up on. These challenges have shaped me to know what my passion is. My passion is teaching and helping the autistic children. There is on significant experience I've faced that had a great impact on me and encouraged my passion to teach. When I was 14 years old I was reunited with my father and was introduced to my half brother for the first time. We connected automatically and we all got to know one another. My father told me all about himself as well as my half brother. My half brother was diagnosed with autism and his condition was at its worst at that time. My brother told me that he was not able to stay focused on things for a certain amount of time and it affected him and his grades in a negative way.

I was asked to help my brother with his class work and homework. I agreed to help him and I made that he can stay focused on his assigned tasks. At first when I started working with him I learned that he was distracted with the video games. I decided in order to keep his focus I would have to change my teaching method with him into a game. Two months passed and his teachers told my father that my half brother improved with his work in and out of class.

When I heard the good news it assured me that teaching autistic children is my passion and that I should follow it. My little brother was my inspiration which helped me to find my passion in life. From that day on I educated myself about autism and the effect it has on a child's learning. Autistic children are very sensitive with the normal world. They can be affected by not following their normal schedule and/or loud noise. It takes time for them to learn the everyday things in life such as responding to the sound of a car horn.

In conclusion, I feel as though autistic children do not have the same advantages that a regular child may have because of their diagnosis. For example, autistic children are not able to go to a public recreation because of their sensitivity to loud noise. Moreover, some of them have disabilities and are not able to play sports. These disabilities could b walking, or even knowing how to communicate with people that they do not know. I want to help make them feel like normal children. Laughing, playing and learning anything they would like to learn. I want to help them learn how to take care of themselves so that they wouldn't have to be dependent on anyone.

My Three Favorite Words

Writing, Inspiring and Teaching College Admission Essay written by Kara from Florida

When presented with the typical “Where do you see yourself ten years from now?” question, three words come to mind, three of my favorite words; Writing, Inspiring, and Teaching. Not the typical all-American girl answer. I do envision myself being married and starting a family somewhere down the line—but those aren’t my first priorities. My goal in life is to be doing the things I love to do, living a life I enjoy, and maybe being an inspiration to someone like my seventeen-year-old self. I hope to accomplish those things by living up to my three favorite words.

From a young age, I’ve been an avid reader. I devoured any book I came into contact with and competed in Battle of the Books several times. In fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Ross, recognized that I had a knack for creative writing. She fostered my talent and turned it into a passion, a passion that had no direction until my sophomore year of high school. That year, I took Mr. Stewart’s Creative Writing I class, and it became the turning point for my writing. He, too, recognized my talent and passion and helped me to develop as a writer. He immediately tried to recruit me for The Oracle, our school’s literary magazine, and I joined the staff my junior year. Since taking that first Creative Writing class, I’ve received one honorable mention and three first place awards for my writing and have had several pieces published in The Oracle. My passion has grown and I now aspire to be a Young Adult novelist one day. For me, writing means expressing my personality and opinions in a creative way, in a way that allows me to share with others.

I’ve taken five classes with Mr. Stewart throughout high school, and I wish I could take more; His excitement can be addicting. He teaches several different classes as well as supervises The Oracle. He has a passion for every subject that he teaches. A passion that is infectious, a passion that you can’t help sharing. Mr. Stewart’s passion has led him to travel all over the globe, experiencing the cultures he is so passionate about. His no-holds-barred lifestyle is what inspires me, because it makes me feel as though there are no limits to where I can go and what I can do. Inspiring someone means giving them the drive and motivation to do what makes them happy, to do what they’re passionate about. One day, I hope to exude a passion about reading and writing that inspires my future students to embrace their passions.

When I was little, I had an antique two-seater desk in my room. It had the kind of top that lifts up so you could store books and folders and an indent at the top on the surface so your pencils wouldn’t roll away. My friends would come over and we would play school. I would make simple lesson plans and give out quizzes that I actually graded—much to the disappointment of my pupils. When it came time for me to actually attend school, I went to a simple public elementary school that was two blocks from my house. Many of my peers had not-so-great home lives and/or parents that spoke no English. Witnessing their hardships and the joy some of them had at just being able to come to school, where they knew they would be safe and would receive two hot meals, was what eventually inspired me to become a teacher. The summer after my sophomore year, I volunteered at CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse), a shelter for female victims of domestic abuse and their children. That experience further cemented my desire to teach. Before arriving for my first day at CASA, I was nervous. How was I supposed to entertain children who had seen more violence in just a few short years than I’d ever seen in my life? I walked through the door of the youth center, bracing myself for gloom and despair. The happiest children I’d ever seen were playing board games, painting sun catchers, and running rampant like normal children. I never would’ve guessed they’d seen the horrors of domestic abuse. For me, teaching doesn’t just mean giving students the knowledge they need to graduate. Teaching means providing students with a safe environment where they are listened to and cared about, giving them the resources they need to thrive, sharing with them my passion for reading and writing, and inspiring them to do something great.

I don’t need to bring about world peace, or change the world one child at a time. I don’t need to be “the next J. K. Rowling” or win Teacher of the Year. Writing, inspiring, and teaching aren’t about being the best. If my writing reaches one person, if I’m inspiring my students to do something they love, If my teaching makes a difference for one student…then I’ve accomplished something and lived up to the meaning of my three favorite words.

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