Who in your life has most influenced you?

by Cristel Selvan
(Brooklyn Park, MN, United States)

College admission essay - Who in your life has most influenced you? In life there will always be people who will change your life around. It could be your family, teachers, friends, or even a stranger. Life will always be full of good and negative things. Sometimes I would stop and ask myself, "Is this what I really want?", "Are you ready for the challenges that are about to get in your way?" I was 15 years old. My life was full of negative things then, smoking, partying, getting pregnant at a young age. My mom is the most important person in my life, without her I would not have made it this far.

Since the day I was born my mom has always been there for me. She has been a responsible and mature person. She has made everything much easier and understanding for me. She gives me advice and motivates me to keep fighting for what I want.

My mom, is an intelligent, caring, and wise person. She helps me with everything, school, spiritually and emotionally. She gives me advice on how to better myself in life. Since the day my daughter was born, she's been here for me. She gives her all the love a grandma can give, watches her while I'm at school and even while doing service hours.

I was doing great when I first entered high school but for some reason as the months went by I started caring less about my homework and what people thought of it. All I cared about was partying, drinking, smoking and doing whatever I wanted with my life. The day I found out I was pregnant I was scared, the only thing I could think of was to call my boyfriend. When I told him he was very supportive of it but for some reason that wasn't
enough. It took me three months to finally admit to my mom I was regnant.

I had the courage and I told my mom. She was very disappointed in me and angry. She wanted me to drop out of high school and start working. It took my mom a couple of days to realize that the best thing for me in that situation was to keep studying and get my education. We both talked and she told me that no matter what happened I had to make twice the effort now since I was going to become a mother. It was really hard for me letting her know because I felt that I had failed her, she always told me that before anything school came first. One day I thought to myself that my motivation to make something out of my life would be my daughter and my mother.

My mother has been with me through the toughest of times to my best moments. She has taught me that whenever something is wrong, make the best of it and to keep my head held high. My mom is my hero, without her I would not be where I am today, and that is being in my last year of Highschool. I will graduate.

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Thank you Cristel for sharing your personal experience college essay about Who in your life has most influenced you. Good luck to you in college.

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Buck and That is Not a Deer

by Jacob Weaver
(Mansfield, Texas)

Influential Person College Admission Essay - Our world depends on impacts. Something or someone impacts someone in every situation in our life. Societal Norms tell us that. I, Jacob Weaver, am no different than anyone else in that I believe the same thing. I would like to say the person who gave me the best influence and impact was someone of ultimate importance to society. I mean my step-dad is no Gandhi of any sort. I have called him Buck since I was 7 years old when we met for the first time. Buck is a heavy set man who is just a forklift and loves his Iowa Hawkeye football. The role of a step-father is different in every household, but in mine he is my true father figure.

He has many reasons for being an influential impact on my life. It all started at age 7 when my mom and dad decided they would get a divorce. When they did this it was joint custody between my parents. Every other weekend, I would have to be picked up by my dad and go thirty minutes away to the Doris’s house, which was my dad’s girlfriend. After this started to happen and I only saw him every two weeks; I definitely lost touch. It’s hard to learn the values that my siblings learned when raised by a different person. So obviously after a while my mother started dating again. So she was dating a guy and I got to go with her to meet her date seeing as she didn’t want me to not have a part. I remember it as if it were yesterday. We went to a restaurant, but I don’t remember the food. All I remember is the game room. As a child I loved the game rooms because if my mom was on a date that meant I got lots of quarters. Buck especially gave me quarters to keep me busy. The currency of my youth seemed to light my world when I was with them. This is my first memory of Buck and it has made a lasting impression on me because for once I actually felt wanted and cherished it. Even though it was only a few quarters it made me feel like my real dad was there and comforted me.

Eventually he did become a father of sorts. As my mom and Buck continued to date, Buck proposed and they got married. This was a big change period in my life. I had a new step-father, my dad essentially left the picture, and we decided to move. Where we moved is where I still live today. I played little league baseball and since we moved that meant that baseball had to move as well. When I started playing again at our new town my real dad showed up for a few games but that stopped relatively quick as he lost interest and time to come watch me. Buck on the other hand was there every single game. Even if he had to work really late the night before he was there. Honestly I wasn’t any good at baseball but Buck didn’t care he was there to cheer me on and help me become better. He always strived to be there for me whenever I needed him. Also as we moved, I was 8 years old and was never taught how to ride a bike. So I remember distinctly that one Saturday my mom, Buck, and I all walked down to the park and I learned how to ride that bike. We must have been there all day but Buck determined that we wouldn’t leave till I was able to ride the bike without training wheels. When we left that day not only did I learn how to ride the bike but, I rode it all the way home. So as my childhood progressed I realized that through my stepping stones into becoming a man I always had Buck there to guide me.

His parental duties weren’t always happy and go-lucky all the time. One thing always stressed to me by Buck was never take what you have for granted because you never know what may happen in the future also if you don’t try your hardest then you are wasting talent. This was made apparent to me when I happened to be failing my science class in fifth grade. It was not a problem of not knowing the content or having trouble understanding the specific assignment; I just didn’t do a major project because I thought it might be a better idea to go outside and play. Little did I know that my science teacher would call my step dad and tell him how “lazy” I had been by not choosing to do my assignment. Talk about a mistake on my part. When I came home that day I lost everything. My television and video games were gone from history. All of my toys were gone and weren’t coming back. He had literally taken everything that he thought I would be able to play with so I could not be distracted from my school work. I did end up getting an A in the class but it wasn’t a high enough A to satisfy Buck, seeing as I didn’t try my hardest. This philosophy is still apparent and used if I do not strive to reach my full capabilities. Even in high school I am given goals to strive for.

Buck is a man without a degree or an actual biological son. He has made the man that I have become. He is my dad because he loves me and does all the he can to make me successful. He has a son and that is me.

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Thank you Jacob for sharing your college admission essay about an inspirational person in your life. Best of luck to you.

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My Greatest Influence

by Vince Yau
(Clark, NJ, US)

My Greatest Influence College Admission Essay - A couple of months before I turned five, I was at an airport terminal, running toward my dad, who had his arms outstretched, inviting me in for a hug, I had not seen him the whole summer because I was visiting family in Malaysia, and there my dad stood with a Buzz Lightyear lollipop holder. The lollipop was bright red and when I pressed the button on the holder, it spun. The lollipop reminded me that he still loved me even though I was gone for what seemed like an eternity to a young child. Because of that, I kept the holder for so many years. The lollipop is a constant reminder of how he is selfless and sacrificed his life to provide for the best life for me.

My dad has always been there for me and my family. He works at least twelve hours a day, every day of the week just to provide for my family. Although we are a very low-income family, he is selfless and he devotes everything he has to his wife and children; He sacrifices the amenities in life to make sure we have everything his family deserves. Watching my dad work all his life for endless hours has shown me that “money does not grow on trees” and one must work hard to obtain a steady income and that schooling is imperative. He has always said to me, “because I didn't go to school, I have to work this hard.” That statement did not truly sink in until I grew older. That was when I knew I needed to work harder in school and finish my education.

Over the years, my father's actions have had an effect on me, teaching me very important life lessons. He taught me that there is always someone who is not as fortunate as we are, like the poor and homeless. I contribute and help through volunteer work because I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have a love one waiting with a lollipop. In high school, I joined a church organized volunteer service called Christian Youth Organization. Through the organization I have visited nursing and veteran homes, babysat, delivered presents for orphans, and other volunteer work. Because I devote so much of my time to CYO, I was voted on to the core team by my peers. This gave me the opportunity to where choose what services the organization participates in. As a member of the core team, I also help set up and run meetings, and participate in extra volunteer work.

I enjoy helping others and the image of that lollipop will carry on in my memories through college, reminding me that I need to continually help those in need and be as selfless as my dad. I plan to continually volunteer and be as helpful as I can to the students who need someone. I am thankful for my dad for molding me into the altruistic, well-rounded person I am today.

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Thank you Vince for sharing your “My Greatest Influence” College Admission Essay. Best of luck to you in college.

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