My Best Advice For Students

by Solange Murray
(Newark, Delaware, USA)

The best advice I would give to students about college and money is saving money for college early. Pay yourself if you have a job, you can put a $5, or $10 in your savings account every time you have receive a paycheck. Don't touch that money until college, make sure nobody has access to that account too.

Another thing students can do is look for a low cost college in their budget. Make sure the college itself gives you enough grants to cover your college expenses also. Don't just look at the college for its good programs, look into the nooks and crannies about the college too.

When you get on the college campus itself, try to get a job on campus too, that will give you help with paying your tuition that way.

Try going to a community college 1st for 2 years then transfer to a university, that way you can get into any college and it can cost less money. Once you have that associates degree under your belt you'll get into any college and you'll enter college as a junior. Then you will only have to do 2 years at the university of your choice and that save thousands of dollars going to a university for 4 years.

When you start your first week of college try and get into a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities, because once you
have free time you'll be bored in your dorm room all the time, try and be a part of the school. When you do you will always have something to do productive and that it will look good on your resume for a job after college.

Also don't go to college undecided, you can if you want too, but once you figure out your major that you want to do it'll be too late because the classes will be full and you can't get in. Make sure you know what you want to do before you start college, you have a long time in high school to figure it out! That is my advice to give to students about college and money.

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Solange for sharing your best advice for students. Community college is a great option for many students, because it is less expensive and gives them more time to figure out their major. Best of luck to you.

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The Real Deal About College

by Krystal Powell
(Desoto, Texas, United States)

When it comes to college it’s not going to be cheap. Even going to a community college isn't all that cheap. The best way to go about paying for college is saving as much as you can, finding many scholarships offers, and in some cases working.

You will only get one college experience so I say attend whatever school you heart is set on. Do it and have fun, don’t let the cost stop you! Just know it’s going to be changeling. Believe it or not it’s possible. I've done it.

I've been awarded scholarship money from my playing sports, entering online scholarship contests , my church, the TRIO program, and family and friends helped. Also getting to know people and getting more involved can open a lot opportunities for your college career. At one point in time I thought it was going to be impossible for me to attend college due to my parents’ income.

Be careful when taking out loans. I took out one loan, and will never take out another one. It’s always a trick to paying it back. Also you should always fill out your FAFSA around early January or mid-February. The earlier the better! Another helpful option is work study.

It’s when you work on campus and the money you make goes toward you school tuition. Depending on what school you’re at you will get paid twice a month or once at the end of the month.

Although paying for college can be stressful you should take it day by day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. College is one of them thing where everyone needs help and guidance. You have to believe it can be done. I did it, and I know you can to. Also don’t think just because your parents have a low income you can’t attend college. It’s the total opposite. Anything is possible, and getting through college is one of them.
Good Luck!

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Krystal for sharing the real deal about college. Best wishes to you in your future college career.

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Financial Aid, or Financial Hassle? You Decide...

by Jarred Smith
(Philadelphia, PA, United States)

Coming into college from just graduating high school, I was caught up in the excitement of the whole experience. Things from being on my own, to meeting new people, to parties and even seeing all the beautiful women that Temple University had to offer.

However, being caught up in all of these ideas about college the one place that I thought would be of help to me was actually the place that caused me the most trouble. That place of so called refuge would be, the financial aid office.

Don't get me wrong, the financial aid office and its advisors are meant to help you. However, if all paperwork and documents are not taken care of before hand, the errors will pile up and eventually become a hassle on a regular basis. Trust me, I would know.

My first semester at Temple University was an experience I will never forget. Most of these memories are from the countless run-ins I had with financial aid and its officers. Their job is to make sure all paper work and of course funds are in proper order upon your arrival and during your stay.

Now, I hope that my essay is not scaring you away from college. It is a great place to be, where great memories and great friends and most importantly a future is made. There is one very simple solution that can be reached, and if you are still in high school now, you can begin now! That advice would be, get your paper work in order now.

Make sure all of your parent's documents are submitted from their federal tax forms, W-2 forms, and most importantly, your FAFSA the source of all your financial aid.

In addition, I would also recommend looking for scholarships at this very moment! Your visits to financial aid will be brief and fluid if all your necessary paperwork is submitted and, if it is already paid for! I mean can you imagine you not having to be haggled by financial aid and having to call your parents every day to see if they can fix the problems that could have been avoided? I can, and I wish I did. Start now!

The parties, the friends, memories, meeting nice girls or guys will always be there. Financial aid is there to help you, only depending if you did what is you could have done to help yourself. Having financial aid not being a burden on your mind will make college (especially your first semester) an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Let financial aid aid you in your journey through college and not hinder you. Be proactive, start now!

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Comment from your friendly team at College Financial Aid Advice

Thank you Jarred for sharing your experience and the importance of getting the financial aid paperwork in order before you go off to college. Good luck to you.

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